St Mary's & St John Bosco

the Parish of St Mary and St John Bosco, Leicester.

Welcome to the Parish of St Mary's and St John Bosco

Welcome to the Parish of St Mary's South Wigston and St John Bosco, Leicester. Our two churches are just two miles apart and we are situated about five miles south of the City of Leicester.

We are a vibrant and friendly worshiping Catholic community, committed to loving God and serving others.

Whether you are a Parishioner, a visitor to the area, a member of our local community or someone who may be interested in finding out more about us and our faith, we hope that you will find this site useful.

For Parishioners it should be a valuable source of information. Just follow the links on the right of each page. You can view and download our Parish newsletter, find information on our Parish groups and read the latest Parish news. If you are a member of a Parish group you can find information about your group and if you are involved with the many ministries at St Mary's and St John Bosco you can find information on these by following the links.

If you are not already a member of our Parish but you are wanting to find out more about us or about the Catholic Church then follow the 'How do I...?' link at the top of the page. Here you can find answers to many questions such as 'How do I get my child Baptised?' or 'How do I start going to Church again?'

If you are a young person then there is lots happening at St Mary's and St John Bosco for you. Follow the 'Youth' link to find out everything which is available to you. You will find information on our liturgy for the very young, details of our Uniformed Groups and what our Parish Youth Group are doing.

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